About Us

Hello, We are Don and Lou Brown.

We live in Grand Ridge Florida. Don developed an interest in wood working as a small child when his Dad gave him a bucket of bent nails and a hammer and told him to straighten them and then hammer them into a board. This kept Don busy while staying in the mechanics shop that his Dad owned. He spent 10 years in the Navy, and went to Electronics schools. Upon his release from the Navy he operated his own TV sales and repair business for several years. He is retired and has a nice woodworking shop where he spends time creating beautiful treasures.

Lou has been knitting and crocheting from a very early age. Lou’s mother was a very crafty lady and taught her a great deal. In 2007 she was looking through some old workbasket magazines that belonged to her mother, she found a small article with a drawing about paper quilling and thought “I can do that”. One pretty little card later she was bitten by the quilling bug and has not gotten over it yet. She still knits and crochets but not as much as before.

Thank you for visiting our website. We hope you find a few items you want to claim as your treasures.