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Onward and Upward

I have installed a different theme and that fixed the sidebar problem but I needed to work on the footer. Now I  am working on getting the header fixed to my liking. Then will work on the dropdown cascading navigation menu.  Last (I think) but not least, I will start getting stock into the store.

Don’t give up on me, cause I will not give up on me.  Take care and come back soon.

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Sidebar Trouble

Still trying to remove this silly sidebar from my blog/Home page.  I will win there is no doubt.  Just stick around and see.  Looks like I have to resize all my products pictures.  Seems problems just pop their little heads up everywhere.

Some where sometime, I called this Lou’s Musings but that has gone by the wayside.


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Welcome to DnL Crafts

The woodcrafts are created by Don Brown and the paper crafts are created by Lou Brown. When we list clothing it is items that we have outgrown over the years. If we list collectibles, that is exactly why we have them. We have collected treasures for over 40 years from various places we have visited or lived.

Please come back often, this is a work in progress and I hope to be adding product daily.